Lawn Care Business: How to Start a Lawn Care Business

This guide provides essential information on lawn care business. It coves startup costs. Legal, marketing, equipment. Other things are business overview, earning potential, growth.
It does not require any formal education and perfect for young people. You can be self-taught, learn from practical experience or books.
How to Start a Law Care Business
         Write a business plan
         Carry out a feasibility study
         Register the business
         Register for tax
         Get insurance cover
         Open an account
         Obtain permit and license
         Create a brand identity
         Develop a marketing strategy
 Lawn Care Business
Who can Start the Business?
The person needs to have physical stamina and enjoy working outdoors. The business requires hard work, love for plants.
The person should have good interpersonal skills, knowledge of different plants, growing mediums. Most of the equipment are manually operated and requires some level of expertise.
         You need physical stamina
         enjoy working outdoors
         requires hard work
         Love for plants
         Good interpersonal skills
         Knowledge of different plants
         Growing mediums
The Job Description
You need to define your scope of work and services. Common services include turf maintenance, lawn care, fertilization, edge removal.
Others are general sanitation, pest control, removal of debris and weed control. The operator needs to regularly check equipment, work at job sites. They fill reports, bill the clients and fulfill orders.
         turf maintenance
         lawn care
         Edge removal
         General sanitation
         Pest control
         Removal of debris
         weed control
Operational Costs and Equipment
The fix assets constitute most of your expenditure.  You need hand tools, trimmer, mower and shears, advertisement and gas.
The job is labor intensive and usually carried out by casual low income workers. A two hour site job can cost from $15 to $25 per hour. Most lawn care are small business however there is stiff competition.
The expenses are transportation to site, labor and phone bills. Others are employee tax, insurance, gas, equipment maintenance and promotional. Promotions can cost $80 per month, insurance $150 per month, phone services $50 per month.
To increase income you can offer additional services like installing fountains, waterfalls, ponds, pavers or walkways. In cold climates you can offer snow removal services.
There are legal considerations like obtaining a lawn service license and registering a business name. Engage an attorney to make a service contract or agreement. Register the business as a LLC, get insurance and tax identification number.
         Lawn service license
         registering a business name
         prepare a service contract or agreement
         Register the business as a LLC
         Get insurance
         Tax identification number
Staff and Marketing
Lawn care is a one man business however you need occasional assistance. For large jobs you need additional crew.
Use flyers, discounts and word to word to reach clients. Print a signboard, newspaper advertisement and social media. Look for corporate clients, schools, private residency, companies and government institutions.
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