Lawn Spraying: How to Start Lawn Spraying Service

The demand and competition is high in the lawn spraying business. Customer base are commercial institutions, government or private residents.
One-time expenses include purchase of equipment, legal fees, permits, licensing. Recurrent costs are transportation, advertisement, labor, utilities and rent. To succeed the entrepreneur should offer quality service and an affordable price.
Startup Costs for Lawn Spraying Service
         Purchase of equipment
         Legal fees
Lawn Spraying Service
Learn the Trade
The first step to providing lawn spraying service is to learn the trade. The business is easy to learn and does not require higher education. However the individual can acquire knowledge through trade workshop, tutorials, books and practical experience.
Other ways include becoming an apprentice, or seeking advice from experts in the industry. It is highly unlikely that operators in the same demography would help because they are in direct competition with your organization.
To get expert advice hire a professional from another state or local government area. Another way to gain knowledge is through an apprentice online courses or seminar. The basic educational qualification to start this business is a diploma. However a knowledge of horticulture is advantageous.
How to Learn Lawn Spraying
         Practical experience
         Online courses
         Trade institution
Register the Business
Once you have acquired knowledge the next step is to register a business. Register the business as an enterprise and apply for a business license.
The type of chemical agent must be approved by government. Obtain permit, get insurance cover and fill tax requirements. You need advertisement license to brand your vehicle. The license is normally renewed every year.
License and Permit
         Business License
         Obtain a permit
         Business name
         Mobile Advert license
Write a Business Plan
Write a lawn spraying business plan and carry out a feasibility study. Hire an expert to write the plan or use readymade business plan template. Study the competitions business structure, prices and services.
The amount of money depends on the size of the establishment. Funds are needed for equipment, chemicals, office space, labor and storage. Other requirements are transportation and marketing.
Try target savings or visit a micro finance bank for long term low interest loans. To obtain the loan you need collateral, guarantors, business plan and part of startup capital. Another way to source funding is through partnership or find investors.
Purchase Equipment
The main equipment is for spraying the lawn. The type of chemical agent should be environmentally friendly and certified by the regulatory authorities. A subvention of the countries laws could cause litigation or serious penalties.
Additional equipment includes mowers, blowers, trimmers and edger. It is important to have an operational vehicle for easy movement and transportation of equipment. Purchase a used bus and brand with the companies name, address and logo. Offer added services
Although the core business is spraying the lawn the entrepreneur can add other services. The services will effectively increase income. The company can offer fertilization, trimming services, weed control and pruning services.
Hire Employees
The entrepreneur can hire qualified staff however the job is basically a one man business. Big jobs would need many people onsite to reduce time and increase efficiency.
Staff requirements are gardeners, lawn maintenance crew, sprayers, office secretary, location driver and janitor. Every aspect is practicable by a single person or hire temps when appropriate.
The business is highly competitive so launch an effective marketing program. Keep the costs low and use print or newspaper advertisement.
Print flyers, posters, banners complimentary cards. Use word of mouth, social media and a website to reach prospective clients. Offer incentives, special offers, discounts and promotions to reach clients.
Determine Target Market
The type of client you service will determine your business template. Offer services to commercial clients or residential households. Make sure the advertisement is targeted at the right people and demography.

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