Starting a Battery Manufacturing Business

The battery manufacturing industry produces re-chargeable and non-rechargeable batteries. The product has many applications such as powering automobile, phones and household electronics.
It works through an electro-chemical process to produce electrical energy. Lead acid batteries are popular in industrial applications while others are used in automobiles and electronic gadgets.
To start a battery manufacturing business you need to determine the size of the plant. Other things to consider is output, type of equipment and production line. Others are type of machinery, product certification, maintenance and funding.
Choose a Niche
Decide on a product type and application before launching the company. There are batteries for laptops, cars, trucks, touch lights and industrial machinery.
Hire qualified staff, and carry out research and development to produce quality products. You need an effective marketing strategy, accessible factory site and adequate power supply.
Types of Batteries
There are many types of batteries made by manufacturers. They come in different shapes and sizes. Common types include EV battery, Lithium-ion polymer battery and lithium-Ion battery.
  • EV battery
  • Lithium-ion polymer battery
  • Lithium-Ion battery.
Battery Manufacturing Equipment
You need good capital to purchase all the essential equipment used in the manufacturing process. The type of equipment depends on the size and scope of the operation.
You have locally fabricated equipment, semi-automated and fully automated. Large battery manufacturers develop the product through the use of an assembly line.
Battery manufacturing machinery includes pouch forming machine, mixing machine and stacking machine. Other equipment's are slitting machine, ultrasonic welding machine, tab welding machine and electrolyte filling machine.
More equipment’s are the coating machine, winding machine and roller press.
  • Pouch forming machine
  • Mixing machine
  • Stacking machine
  • Slitting machine
  • Ultrasonic welding machine
  • Tab welding machine
  • Electrolyte filling machine
  • Coating machine
  • Winding machine
  • Roller press
  • Grind casting
  • Paste mixing
  • Curing/drying
  • Cell assembly
  • Wrapping
  • buffing
Electrolyte Filling Machine
The electrolyte filling machine dispenses electrolyte to battery cells. The machine operates by executing injection by separating electrolyte and vacuum.
It is moderated by controlling the volume through the aid of precision pumps. The control part consists of vacuum pump knob, automatic operation and vacuum S/W .While the standardization of power is usually 220 V.
Winding Machine
The winding machines main function is to wind electronic plates and separators. The equipment consists of rotator part, automatic operation and core part.
Roll Press Machine
The roll press machine presses coated electrodes to different thickness. The general specifications include thickness control, adjusting switch, driving rollers and pressing rollers with finished heat treatment. The machine works via roller, pressurization, power supply and heat treatment.
Slitting Machine
The slitting equipment coats the separator during the production process. General specification includes slitting unit, Re-winding unit and feeding unit.
Others are unwinding, thickening, width and material. The machine uses tension control, edge control, shaft, rollers and main feeding drives. Other technical functions are slitting width, cutting quantity and knife unit quantity control.
Coating Machine
You could use an auto single or auto double coating machine. The equipment automatically applies coat to foil or separator.
It regulated the coating thickness by adjusting the gauge thickness. The equipment has the coating, drying and winding part.
Mixing Machine
The heating machine consists of pipe heater, tank and mixing blade. It uses vacuum pumps, slurry injection technology a digital temperature controller.
The Manufacturing Process
The manufacturing process goes through grid casting, paste mixing, pasting, curing and drying. Other processes are wrapping, grouping, containerizing and heat sealing.
It goes through thermal assembly, leak testing, acid filling and formation. The process continues with battery assembly, battery charging process, battery washing/drying, battery checking and date coding.
The Setup Costs
There are a few things to consider before setting up a battery manufacturing plant. Focus on a niche product, type of machinery and plant layout.
Others are installation, maintenance costs and cost per battery. The production capacity of your plant dictates the type of machinery you need.
 Automated full option equipment and integrated system will produce at optimum capacity. The equipment will periodically need maintenance and spare part replacement.
More cost consideration is labor, leasehold, infrastructure and factory equipment. You need heavy duty truck, utility, large storage facility, registration and licensing fees. To reduce costs operate full capacity, reduce overhead and reduce recurrent costs.

Source Funding
The business is capital intensive, so you need huge funds. You can approach an industry or trade bank for loans.
Secure long term loans with low interest rates and re-payment flexibility. You could sell startup equity to investors or find a core investor. Many governments support the manufacturing sector and offer subventions and low interest facilities.
Battery manufacturers are required to have ISO certification. You need a trade license and register the business as a limited liability company.
Battery producers need to follow strict guidelines on waste management and pollution control. Get liability insurance and personal identification tax number.
Manufacturers generally sell only to wholesalers. Offer wholesalers competitive prices and promotional discounts.
Use newspaper publications to attract small business owners interested in your product. Use lots of branding, television advertisement and radio jingles.

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