10 Reasons Why Age Does Not Determine Starting a Business

There is no age limit to starting a business venture. Mature investors stand a better chance at success because of many factors.
Major advantages are self-confidence, better resources and learning from experience. Others are financial security, good qualification and adequate knowledge of the industry.
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1Learn from Past Failure
If you have established an unsuccessful business in the past you can learn from failure. The greatest teacher is failure because you learn valuable lesson.
This will guarantee not repeating the same mistakes and supports proper planning. Business success requires hard work, adequate preparation and experience.
2. Self-Confident
Mature entrepreneurs are self-confident than young entrepreneurs. This is because of valuable life lesson they learned along the way.
Mature investors are more frugal, sensible and realistic in their expectations. They are better motivated, have good self-esteem, and confidence. They may have acquire good formal education, professional experience in related field and confidence.
3. More Resources
A mature investor has more resources available to them. They have a broader network, better chance at acquiring startup capital, experience. They have friends and acquaintances in position of authority.
Older investors are more financially secure, have lots of collateral. It is possible to leverage on established brands, join a franchise and hire professionals to run the business.
Two mature investors can form a partnership and leverage on each partner’s strengths, training and experience. The individual could decide to become a sleeping partner and merely invest in an established brand.
4. Financial Security
Matured investors have better financial security than young investors. They might have paid off their mortgage and saved up a reasonable amount.
They also have good credit rating and have retirement benefits. Having less financial responsibility offers more cash liquidity.
5. Knowledge
A matured invest must have gained work place experience. They are well qualified with formal training and education.
They have gained lots of practical experience and knowledge base. They are skilled professionals in their industry, good network.
6. Focused on a Niche
Young investors find it difficult deciding on a business venture. Matured investor know exactly the industry of interest. They have had ample time to develop a passion and develop ideas.
Statistics show that business based on passion tend to succeed. This is because profit is not the main determinant of such businesses. They will eventually become profitable because of the quality products and services.
7. Investors
Investors generally look at the business structure and management of a company. They are more likely to invest their hard earned money on startup with professionally trained and highly experienced owners.
Mature investors bring years of cognate experience and maturity to the table.
8. Set Goals
Matured investors are better at setting goals. This is because of years of workplace experience. The fashion objectives, vision and mission statement. They are more realistic in expectations, profit, and loss account.
9. Networking
It is easy for matured investors to network with industrial players. This is because their friends and acquaintances are in position of power. They would have built up a network of professionals in the financial, marketing and supply.
Common contacts are accountants, venture capitalists, financial planners. Others are attorneys, marketers, contractors, agents.
10. Life Experience
Good business acumen are benefits of life experience. Others are Hands on experience, training and education.
A mature investor has logical expectations and projections. It takes years to gain life experience and build trust with professionals in your industry.

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