How to Open a Cosmetology School

Opening any type of school is challenging because of securing an operational permit. The school should conform to state laws before granted permit. Other considerations are writing a comprehensive business plan and drafting a school constitution.
Others are recruitment of qualified teachers, rent, securing a business name. More are opening a business account, tax, furniture and infrastructure.
The owner needs to apply for insurance, purchase training tools, equipment and create awareness. It is capital and labor intensive. Here are some steps to establishing a cosmetology school.
cosmetology school
Things to Consider before Starting a Cosmetology School
         Securing an operational permit
         Writing a comprehensive business plan
         Drafting a school constitution
         Draft a curriculum
         Recruitment of qualified teachers
         Rent or purchase property
         Securing a business name
         Opening a business account
         Tax identification number
         Purchase furniture
         Add infrastructure
         Purchase training tools
         Create awareness
Cosmetology School Business name and incorporate
The school should be a legal entity so you need to incorporate. Make sure you check the availability of the school name. Incorporate the school as a limited liability company and get all forms of insurance.
The school needs state or federal certification and a license to operate. To acquire the license it should conform to school establishment laws and guidelines. Apply and obtain a tax identification number and draft an employee handbook.
         Check the availability of the school name
         Limited Liability Company
         Get liability insurance
         Apply for a license or permit
         Obtain a tax identification number
         Draft an employee handbook.
Open a Corporate Account
The schools account should be separate from your individual account. Open a corporate account with any reputable commercial bank in your country.
Write a Business Plan
It is important to write a cosmetology school business plan. The carry out a feasibility study and survey. The plan should cover every aspect of the business from funding, staff, infrastructure and curriculum.
Make sure you find a good location and plan the layout. The school can occupy its own plots or rent a commercial premises. The location should be accessible and conducive for learning. Basic utilities are required such as electricity and water.
Tutorial Services
The school should offer a broad based program to meet regulatory accreditation standards. Courses include basic, intermediate and advanced cosmetology. The school can offer accredited certificate or diploma courses.
Different Sources of Income
The main source of income is from tutorial, admissions and course fees. Other sources are retail of books and materials. Others are seminars, foundation classes, sales of beauty products.
         Admissions fees
         Course fees
         Retail of books and materials
         Foundation classes
         Sales of beauty products
Pricing Strategy
The pricing strategy is based on prevailing prices in the industry. Study the competitions prices, business structure, courses. Make sure the prices are affordable and accommodate your target students. The choice of location, teacher’s wages, equipment, insurance, loans also affects the fees.
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