How to Write a Tanning Salon Business Plan

To start a tanning salon you need professional training, business knowledge. The business is very lucrative and moderately challenging. The investor needs to incorporate the business, purchase equipment and tanning tools.
Other considerations are finding an ideal location, offering good customer service and creating awareness. The amount of startup funds depends on the business template, number of staff, rent and cost of utilities.
The first step to establishing a tanning salon is to write a business plan. Make sure the plan covers all the parameters of the business.
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The milestones are establishing relationship with vendors, drafting contract agreements. Others are building a website, writing a business plan and creating awareness.
More include purchase of equipment, furniture, recruitment of employees. The company secures a business name, incorporates as a limited liability company.
We will draft employee’s handbook, generate startup capital and apply for a business license. The company will have a separate corporate account, obtain tax identification, insurance. Check list includes leasing a property, purchasing tanning tools.
         Establishing relationship with vendors
         Drafting contract agreements
         Building a website
         Writing a business plan
         Creating awareness
         purchase of furniture
         Recruitment of employees
         Secures a business name
         Incorporates as a limited liability company
         Draft employee’s handbook
         Generate startup capital
         Apply for a business license
         Have a separate corporate account
         Obtain tax identification
         Leasing a property
         Purchasing tanning tools
Expansion and Sustainability
The business is competitive and lucrative. To attract customers and growth we will use an effective marketing strategy. We will invest in employee training and hire experienced staff.
Financial Projections
The setup costs are company registration, legal fees and consultancy fees. Others are insurance cover, facility leasing, stationery, tanning equipment.
Cost considerations include website, miscellaneous marketing and promotions. Startup capital expected is $250,000, owner invests $100,000 applies for $150,000 bank loans.
Advertising and Publicity
Marketing strategy includes advertisement placement in television, newspapers. We will target local community, corporate organizations and tour operators. Other strategies are listing on yellow pages, directories.
Pricing and Payment Strategy
The price will be comparable with businesses in the area. Payment platforms will include online bank transfer, checks and bank draft. Other payment are cash bank transfer, point of sale.
Sales Forecast
The business is estimated to make $150,000 first fiscal year, $350,000 second and $700,000 third year. We are optimistic about choice of area.
Services and customer base. The feasibility study will analyze market trends, choice of location and customer behavior. The sales forecast is a projection of potential profit, market share.
Products and Services
We will offer UV tanning, spray tanning and airbrush tanning. Other services include sunless tanning, body contour services, health spa and fitness center. We will provide mobile tanning and sell beauty parlor products.
Marketing Strategy
The marketing strategy will involve television and radio advertisement. Others are newspaper advertisement, online promotions, building a website and print.
We will print billboards, signboards, flyers, posters, stickers and memorabilia. We will organize community activities, use direct marketing, offer coupons and promotions.
How to Promote your Tanning Salon
         Radio advertisement
         Newspaper advertisement
         Online promotions
         Building a website
         Print billboards
         Organize community activities
         Use direct marketing
         Offer coupons
Our Competitive Edge
The competitive edge is offering unique services and good customer relations. Our staff are highly qualified, experienced and dedicated.
We wish to be the go-to place for tanning in Baltimore. Our target clients are business people, corporate clients and trendy individuals. Other advantages are good location, effective marketing and competitive prices.
Our Target Audience
The target market are corporate people, stars, celebrities, public figures. Others are trendy individuals, tourists, students. More are sports personalities and hobbyists.
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