How to Become a Human Resources Consultant

Human resources personnel offer advice on a wide range of issues. They are involved in workplace activity, policies, procedures and compliance to the law.
They recommend, reorganize, mediate and develop an effective HR model. They work as independents or through a consultancy firm. The individual should have higher education such as a Bachelors, Masters DBA, PHD.
The Job Description
What does a human resources consultant do? The person assists, develop, coordinate workflow and audit conduct. They offer strategic services, hiring, benefit packages and recruit. They prepare HR reports, implement, develop and revise policies.
The person conducts training sessions, offers recommendations and analysis the companies HR programs. They require IT training, sales finance and marketing skill and understand labor laws.
HR Work
         The person assists
         Coordinate workflow
         Offer strategic services
         Benefit packages
         Prepare HR reports
         Implement, develop and revise policies
         Conducts training sessions
         Offers recommendations
         Analysis the companies HR programs
         Require IT training
         Sales finance
         Marketing skill
         Understand labor laws
Salaries and Remunerations
Companies pay top dollar for the services of a qualified human resources personnel. The pay package differs based in demography, experience and qualifications. According to various sources the pay in Nigeria averages $22,700.
The HR salaries in Atlanta, GA Area is $62,054/yr while additional cash compensation range from 1,069 – 19,587. Human resources salaries differ by company from Home Depot 40,000/yr  or 17/hr. Hospital 70,000/yr, Caters hourly intern 13 -15 hours, university 57,912/yr.
HR Salaries
         HR in Nigeria averages $22,700
         Atlanta, GA Area is $62,054/yr.-cash compensation1, 069 – 19,587
         HR Home depot 40,000/yr, or 17/hr.
         Hospital 70,000/yr.
         Caters intern 13 -15 hours
         University 57,912/yr.
How to Become a Human Resources Consultant
To become one you need to acquire the necessary certification and training. You need formal education and completion of a bachelor’s degree. To advance quickly in the competitive market you need a master’s of business administration in human resources.
Other related fields of study are marketing management, international business management and management information system. Take courses in leadership, strategic management, business ethics and organizational behavior. Make sure you get a professional certificate.
         Bachelor’s degree in HR
         Masters of business administration in HR
         Marketing management
         International business management
         Management information system
         Strategic management
         Business ethics
         Organizational behavior
         Professional certificate
Personal Skill
The competence requirements include ability to improvise, good listener, practical and theoretical knowledge. Others are good interpersonal skill, self-confidence, trustworthiness, ability to conceptualize ideas and a hard worker. The person needs advanced business knowledge of the industry.
         Ability to improvise
         Good listener
         Practical and theoretical knowledge
         Interpersonal skill
         Ability to conceptualize ideas
         Hard worker
         Advanced business knowledge


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