How to Enlist in the US Military

There are certain criteria a person needs to join in the U.S. military. They should have good moral standards, physical attributes, aptitude and determination. They should talk to a recruiting officer and visit a military entrance processing station.
Personal Criteria
         Good moral standards
         Physical attributes
US Military
The person must be a US citizen, have a green card and the right qualifications. Other considerations are Non-citizens currently living in America or non-citizens with English fluency in speaking, reading and writing.
The individual should be in good health, 17 to 40 years old. Basic educational qualification are high school diploma and a pass in the armed service vocational aptitude battery test. To join the officer’s rank you need a college degree.
Educational Qualification
         High school diploma
         College/University degree
         Pass SVAB test
What Disqualifies You
There are many things that will disqualify the candidate. If the candidate does not have the basic educational qualification of high school diploma.
Others are having a criminal record, age, bad morals, medical issues or mental health problems. A recruiter may ask the command for a waiver, however there are no guarantees.
Disqualification Conditions
         Moral attitude
         Low level of education
         Criminal record
         Age less than 17 older than 40
         Mental health issues
         Medical issues
US Military
Military Service
It is important to know the different arms of the military. The different arms are the Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, Army and Air force.
The air force has the reserves, National Guard and active duty. The army has the reserves, active duty and National Guard. The navy and Coast Guard have the Active duty and reserve
Military Formations
         Coast Guard – Reserve and Active Duty
         Marine Corps – Reserve and Active Duty
         Navy – Reserve, Active Duty
         Army – National Guard, Reserve, Active Duty
         Air force – National Guard, Reserve, Active Duty
How to Become a Military Office in US
To become a military officer you need adequate qualification and training. The individual should have a college or university degree. Commissioned officers are trained in the US service academies.
The academy offers free boarding, tuition and students are remunerated. Top five are military academy, naval academy, coast guard academy, air force academy and merchant marine academy.
You can earn an officers commission to the reserve officer training corps or officer candidate school direct commission from enlisted ranks.
How to Enter the Academy
Acceptance into the academy is through nomination. Apart from the Merchant Marine academy others require nomination from a US senator, US representative, vice president of US.
Enlistment Process
The first step is to contact a recruiter for the department of defense serve branch.
Step 1
The steps involve taking the armed service vocational aptitude battery test. The test is either computer based or pen and paper exam.
The test duration is three hours and are science, writing, English and Math’s. The result would determine the career path best suited for the individual.
Step 2
The person needs to pass a physical examination. The examination includes hearing, vision, height and weight.
Others are drug, alcohol and blood/urine test. The medical history of the person including specialized tests if required. There are also joint maneuvers and muscle group.
Physical Examination
         Blood and urine test
         Medical history
         Specialized tests
         Joint maneuvers
         Muscle group
Step 3
Career selection is discussed with a service enlisted counselor. This is based on your results, job availability and physical requirements.
Others are recruitment preferences, ASVAB score and service needs. The enlistment counselor explains enlistment agreement, recruitment provisions and commitment.
Career Selection
         Job availability
         Physical requirements
         Recruitment preferences
         ASVAB score
         Service needs
Step 4
On determination of recruitment career determination the individual takes an oath of enlistment. The oath generally states defense of US, obey constitution and uniform code.
Step 5
The branch or job assignment will determine the next step. The recruit completes MEPS test and reports for basic training. There is also the delayed entry program DEP


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