Owning Your Own Swim Business

 A swim business is ideal for former swimmers with lots of experience and a perfect match for former swim coaches. The person can start the business from scratch, buy an existing business or join a franchise.
Make sure the facility offers high quality swimming pools, coaching and equipment. Leverage on innovative designs, technology and qualified instructors. To succeed you need passion, love for the sport, funding and a good business model.
Franchise Opportunities
A franchise opportunity provides support for new investors. They offer step by step guide, training and support. Some franchise optimizes result through the use of video analysis and pool system.
How to Build your Business
You need to write a business plan and carry out a feasibility study. Make sure the location is ideal and easily accessible. Study zoning requirements and government regulations for such establishments.
To improve services use software analysis, learn instructional techniques and procedures. Make sure the pools are specially designed to maximize the space.
Study the layout use promotional to drive traffic to the facility. Your operational standards should be high and at par with your competitors.
The business should offer individualized teaching for different ages. The scope of services includes professional training for competitive athlete and beginner classes.
Services to offer includes video analysis, pool system, aquatic training. You can sell swim merchandize, offer community activities and lessons.
Swim School Services
         Individualized teaching for different ages
         Professional training for competitive athlete
         Beginner classes
         Video analysis
         Pool system
         Aquatic training
         Sell swim merchandize
         Offer community activities
How to Start a Swim School
To operate a swim school there are legal implications and safety concerns. The schools should be certified with professional instructors. You can operate from a facility or offer outside jobs. Places to offer your services are theme parks, public pools and beaches.
Who can start the Business?
The business is perfect for people with passion for swimming. Knowledgeable people with perquisite skill and knowledge of the industry.
The job is to offer swim coaching, techniques and safety tips. A typical day involves lessons to people of different age groups. Teach aspiring professionals, swim teams, College and High school students.
Client Base
Your client base are both professional and young students. Offer swim coaching for children in your community, single or group lessons. You can offer private lessons and sell merchandise.
         Professional athletes
         Young students
         Single or group lessons
         Aspiring professionals
         Swim teams
You can run the business yourself and hire appropriately. A smart way to reduce cost is leasing equipment and pools.
The legal requirement include a swim instructor certification or license. The certificate should be from a recognized government agency.
It is important to acquire a state permit, secure a business name and register the company. It can be a sole proprietor or limited liability company. Other requirements are liability release form, legal agreement and operational permit.
         Swim instructor certification or license
         State permit
         Business name
         Register the company
         Sole proprietor or Limited Liability Company
         Liability release form
         Legal agreement
         Operational permit
Earning and Expenses
The cost depends on the type of service rendered. Group or individual sessions attract $50 to $ 100 an hour. Offer discounts, competitive pricing and joint classes to reduce cost.
The expenses depend on rent, utilities, transportation and insurance. The major expense is transportation and advertisement.
Attract customers through print and electronic media. Print flyers, posters, banners, business cards and billboards. Use social media, create a website, direct mail and community based activities.


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