Starting a Mobile Oil Changing Service

Entrepreneurs need to decide which business venture complements their passion and talent. Other startup requirements include funding, operational base, knowledge of the industry. More are legal, growth potential, equipment and staff.
The business is practicable full-time or part-time and requires low startup. The investor can offer on-site services or mobile services.
Steps to Start a Mobile Oil Change Service
Steps to start a service station is to write a business plan, form a legal entity and register your taxes.
Others are open a business account, obtain the necessary permit, define your brand, get insurance and establish a web presence. More things to consider are business overview and customer base.
oil change
         Write a business plan
         Form a legal entity
         Register your taxes
         Set up a business account
         Obtain the necessary permit
         Define your brand
         Get insurance
         Establish a web presence
         Business overview
         Customer base
Business Overview
The business is service oriented and involves quick oil changes. The operator can offer basic servicing, oil change, car wash servicing. The equipment is basic and employees can easy learn the skill.
The oil change service accounts for over 8 billion dollars of the automobile industry. It provides an essential service, profitable and low maintenance.
Who can do this Business?
Anyone with basic mechanical skill can successfully run a mobile oil change business. The individual should have passion for vehicles and a kin knowledge of different vehicle requirements.
The person needs good communication, interpersonal skill and is good with his hands. The job is practicable part-time or full time depending on business template.
         You need basic mechanical skill
         Passion for vehicles
         Kin knowledge
         Good communication
         Interpersonal skill
         Good with his hands
Work Schedule
The work schedule involves oil changing, scheduling appointments and driving customer’s vehicles. Other services are window cleaning, tire check, car wash services, and minor repairs.
         Sale of spare parts
         Tire change
         Car wash
         Basic service
         Oil changes
         Tire check
         Window cleaning
         Minor repairs
         Driving customer’s cars
         Scheduling appointment
Target Market
The target market is automobile owners, vehicle fleets and public transport owners.
Earning Potential 
Mobile oil change make money from the services they render. They earn from changing the oil, selling engine oil and brake fluid. Other services include topping fluids, brake inspection, sales of minor spare parts.
Learn the Trade
The business is easily run by one or two people. The required skill is robust automobile knowledge, on-job training, workplace experience and an automobile course.
Basic mechanic skills is also an advantage. Another way to gain prerequisite skills is online resources and books.
         You need robust automobile knowledge
         On-job training
         Workplace experience
         An automobile course
         Basic mechanic skills
         Use online resources
         Read books
Cost and Earnings
The cost implications are equipment, lease/rent, and staff wages. Others are cost of oil, type of service and prevailing prices in your demography. Startup for a small oil change business is less than $3000.
The amount of investment depends on the business template, premises, number of vehicles serviced, local government fees, and tax. A simple oil change costs about $20 while other services attract competitive prices. An average oil change service can attract two customers an hour.
Common equipment are filters, oil dispensers, oil fluids. The person might need a dedicated vehicle, car jack, display rack, gloves, hand tools.
Legal considerations are state permit and licensing. There are also zoning requirements, sales tax and local association listing.
It is not mandatory to incorporate, however owning a business name and sole proprietorship has some advantages. To avoid liabilities or lawsuits use an attorney to create a liability waiver.
Promote the Business
To encourage repeat patronage your service should to top notch. Make sure the lubricants you use are of top quality and popular brand names.
Promote the business through hand bills, flyers and business cards. You need a sign on your premises, branded shirts.

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