How to Protect your Bank Card from Fraud

Scammers target potential victims when we are distracted. They use various means to get our card details. A common device used by scammers are skimmers, pin sized cameras and online forms.
To avoid becoming a victim keep your card details safe and trust your instincts. Ask questions when things look unusual or suspicious. Finally always stay within sight of your ATM card.
How to Avoid Card Fraud
         Keep your card details safe
         Trust your instincts
         Ask questions
         Always stay within sight of your ATM card
         Cover your pin
         Be care with online transactions
         Pay directly to the company
         Report suspicious automated teller machine
         Don’t disclose card details over the phone
ATM scam
Cover your Pin
It is commonplace to find long queues in front of automated teller machines. This offers scammers a good chance to steal your card data. Capturing the data would provide easy access to your funds.
Tools of their trade include capturing devices such as cameras or card readers. They use it to capture you entering the secret 4 pin number on the keypad. The cameras are usually small and difficult to detect.
To prevent scammers from stealing the PIN shield the entire keypad with your body. You can also use a free hand to cover the hand you use to enter the pin. This is a simple yet effective strategy.
Online Transactions
Millions of online transactions are carried out daily. This is because people use the convenience of the internet to buy goods or pay for services. Before making an online transaction you need to verify the authenticity of the payment system.
All payment systems should have a secure verifiable checkout provider. If you are in doubt refrain from entering you details. Some scammers have perfected the art of duplication authentic payment system.
Simply carry out a scam check to find out about the website. A simple solution is to go directly to the payment systems website and login.
Paying to an Organization
Some organizations ask for card details over the phone. There is nothing wrong in that however scammers have perfected the act of mimicking such organizations.
If the organization contacts you and asks for your details refrain from giving it to them. A safe way is to find the organizations website and use the number on the website. Verify the claim before giving them the details.
Keep your Card Close
It is important to keep sight of your card. Many transactions are done in fast-food outlets, restaurants and hotels. The shop or restaurant attendant might pretend to run the card through a POS while actually taking your card and running it through a skimmer.
Some even skim your details behind a table or desk. Any transaction is easily carried out in plain view so the attendant has no right to carry your card out of sight.
A simple precaution is for the person to bring the POS to your table before you hand them the card.
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The Automated Teller Machine
The most common way to get scammed is while using an ATM machine. Some machines are fitted with skimmers to steal your details. They generally place the skimmers over the card reader to capture data on your card.
This is done when you place the card in the machine. The skimmers are then retrieved and used to create a dummy card which is used to access your account.
Skimmers are notoriously difficult to detect however careful scrutiny of the front of the card reader would detect tampering. Signs of tampering include different colored plastic around card slot, movable parts, marks or scratches. If you detect anything that looks out of place notify the bank.
Final Word
Check your Balance
It is important to check your account balance regularly. This is a way to detect any unusual activity in your account. Luckily there are many simple ways to check account balance.
You can use the banks dedicate usd number, online portal, SMS and other available options. If you detect any unusual activity quickly notify the bank.  


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